Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Review

The MX 500 is excellent for just about almost any child that's excited about motocross bikes and wishes to provide riding them a move.

The Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike can be just actually really a toy that’s children from everywhere putting it. It’s the perfect present for almost any child that’s excited about bicycles and technology The MX-500 has a potent 500W electric engine, can continue to 175lbs, features a 60-day warranty, also will transmit its rider in a rate of roughly 15mph, over various terrains.

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Key Features

It may be tricky to fulfill the requirements of a daredevil or budding motorcyclist. That you do not desire to control them, however, that you do not wish to encourage behaves that are dangerous at a youthful age. Buying them there is a motorcycle definitely unthinkable. Because they’ve already now been begging for you for more than 3 or a long time, there are alternatives to meet their demand with the rate controller for rate.

Purchasing the MX-500 might well not be good for the children, but also for the parents. You may obtain a feeling of trust whenever you’ll end up giving the benefit of this uncertainty, buying this item that is pricey. It’s absolutely one from the shelf, and also will want to get taken good care of. When you’ve not managed to accomplish you are going to have the ability to assist your son or daughter care for the belongings.

The MX 500 is a toy that’ll be both enlightening and fun. It’ll exude your children the delight of having a true dirtbike that is real, and you’re going to have the ability to catch them!


The MX 500 is an electrical dirt bike that’s been specifically made once real, professional, motocross bikes. Which usually means that the MX-500 can’t just do of the stunts, but looks as though it could do them.

The allure of this Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross bike is among the things that are main to check out if purchasing the toy to get your own little one. Whatever era they’re in, they are going to require something which looks’trendy’. Something they receive yourself a result of amazement and could reveal with your own buddies.

Razor knows just how much children love showing off their precious possessions, which explains why they designed the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross bike to appear stylish attractive as you possibly can.

Color & Appeal

The combo of reds, yellows, elephants, and whites doesn’t set the parents’ worries. This seems like an electric dirtbike, however, it is really a solid toy.

Along with strategy makes you consider danger and speed, which is only enough to get the adrenaline going, but it’s 100 percent safe. There’s not any doubt your children might want to jump on this motorcycle of receiving it within moments.

Rechargeable Battery

Every toy comes with it charging period plus a battery lifetime. This feature might create a whole good deal of disappointment, groaning and moaning, however it’s essential to bring it under account when purchasing this item.

You might need to devote nearly all the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross bike’s life , because it has to get the energy. For the mx-500, approximately 1-2 hours is not enough. This fee boost needs to grant the electric bike enough energy to benefit one hour or even so longer, permitting a great deal of pleasure along with continuous use.

Battery-charging Time

As this really is an toy, then it is vital to say once it is purchased by you, you might observe a big change. Any such thing for 1-2 hrs isn’t a little accomplishment.

For those who have an avid child or kids that are looking to always work with and take turns with the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross motorcycle, then that toy might possibly grow to be a costly investment. This is, after all, a toy using a 500W electric engine, and a 36V battery that is the rechargeable charger. Many power plans have discounted prices for running appliances such as even television and lights. It’s still a significant aspect, although This usually means that a fresh blower should not create that much a switch into the equilibrium of one’s invoices.

You may set constraints up for using the bike. By way of instance, simply make it or the following faculty only, or in periods of 20 minutes on weekends.


The measurements of the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross motorcycle are a topic of discussion. The bike itself includes measurements of 56-inch x 24.5 inch x 36 inch if constructed.

This, by the getgo, might appear quite small for just about almost any increased 14+ yrs of age, which premise is genuine. 95 percent of these clients concur this authentic dirt bike is intended for kiddies between 8 and12 years, also maybe perhaps never 14+ year olds.

For olds that are bigger it might seem a little on the smallish side.

This is exactly the reason why we urge either following advice of ignoring age recommendation, or visiting a neighborhood supermarket and looking into the MX500 Dirt Rocket yourself.


We recommend this bike for year-old dirt biking fanatics In conclusion. Even younger children might give it a try if they’re older enough to adhere to the guidelines and safety recommendations. The center of the subject is, even that’s the bike is by no way a bike for 14 years older, and much less for anybody elderly.

If you’re interested in finding a motocross motorcycle to get a 14-year-old, we then can suggest newer Razor bicycles, just such as the Razor RSF650 and Razor MX650.


The bike includes handlebars and suspension. It’s 14-inch wheels in the rear, and inch brakes at front. These wheels permit the bike to move and also help propel the MX-500.

Both of those wheels really are pneumatic, meaning they are full of pressurized atmosphere in the interior. Such wheels are excellent for speeding throughout both gravel streets and marijuana areas, and may just wear out after rigorous usage.


The bike will require a little assembly, however, it is extremely straightforward. It’s really an excellent practice to help your son or daughter put it since it is going to let them see how hard it maybe get something to work out. It is going to even provide them a feeling of success if they complete and tap on the rear in mom and daddy. Still, another benefit for the clinic is simply because they saw just how much effort it required to put it they could take care of this.


The bike also includes a manual, also includes a sturdy steel structure that should encourage up anyone to 175 lbs. It is critical to talk with to child through the manual before putting them on the engine cycle. This will make sure they understand and never being forced to work out it, just how exactly to utilize the bike to dirt biking moto.

The latter generally leads to injuries and injuries, and that it’s also crucial to take precautions. Make certain you deliver a helmet and elbow and knee pads for the son or daughter, too.


  • Sturdy
  • Goes around 15mph
  • Carries around 175 Pounds
  • Designed with kickstand

Knobby tires, + Pneumatic

  • Variable-rate controller


Little for 14-year-olds do

In general, the Razor Dirt Rocket isn’t hard to come up with and isn’t hard to utilize. Parents report that their children take into the controls over a quarter-hour. The bike also includes a closed system’, meaning the kiddies won’t have the ability to attain any one of those interior mechanics of this dirt bicycle, damaging themselves unintentionally.

Who’s It Ideal for?

Though Razor says this bike needs to be employed by 14 year olds and above, the majority of folks will agree it’s perfect for children between 8 12 year olds that are in to dirt biking. Razor is popularly famous for their elastic era brackets, and it’s really vital that you learn that every kid differs.

If a kid has a bigger build or fresh to dirt biking, then this bike may be perfect to them, but we recommend looking into the electric bike ahead merely to make certain. This is no buy, and ought to be considered!

Why We Enjoy It

The MX 500 is excellent for just about almost any child that’s excited about motocross bikes and wishes to provide riding them a move. Even the MX-500 has a well-balanced steel structure, can increase to 15mph and certainly will review various terrains. Its versatility is one of the things, and also its particular own bicycle tires can help to take your children.

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