Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Review 

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

A popular choice among kids between the age group of 5 to 12 years old, the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike is an electric variant dirt bike with a single-speed transmission that offers a realistic riding experience to kids out on the rugged tracks while they travel at speeds of 14 miles per hour.

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 Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Review 

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Not willing to spend big bucks on dirt bikes for your young one? If your kid has the flair for the outdoors but you lack the monetary motive to get him a mechanical marvel that can let him explore his adventurous side then the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike is the perfect choice for you and your kid.

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 Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Review 

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

The Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket is not a mere kids dirt bike as it is touted out to be. It is more than a replacement bike for costlier gas-powered dirt bikes. It is the latest in technology, the answer to all those who say that electric powered vehicles cannot match up to the power and performance of gas powered vehicles.

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 Get Your Kids Started Riding Dirt Bikes 

Kid with Razor MX500The first obstacle to riding dirt bikes for kids is not choosing bikes or getting the right gear, in fact, it is coming to terms with the fact that kids are active by nature and they shall get hurt regardless of the sport they engage in. Generally, the wives get too anxious upon hearing the words dirt bikes and kids together in the same sentence. This attitude has got to change because of fear begets fear. If anyone of the parent is fearful then the child shall inculcate fear too, which by the way is not all that healthy for learning the sport of motocross. The best advice on this matter is to get a dirt bike for the misses too! Yes, it works, once she has gotten to enjoy the sport just as you do, she shall find the meaning in getting your kids trained too.

Once the misses is out of the way, you can then start preparing your kid to ride dirt bikes. Remember that the earlier kids start riding the easier it is to teach them as younger kids listen more attentively. As parents, you need to ensure that your kid is ready to ride before actually handing over the keys to the bike. Hence, the first thing to do is to teach your 3-year-old how to ride a BMX or a bicycle without the training wheels on. Once he is cruising through the neighborhood on his engineless bike, it is time to migrate to dirt bikes for kids.

Boy Riding Razor MX350The best starter bike is the  Razor MX350 electric dirt bike. This is ideal for average size kids below age 7. While this bike may seem puny to your eyes do not be fooled by its meager size. Provide all protective gears to your kid if you do not want to see them get cuts and bruises. This is a dangerous sport and by no means should be taken lightly. The right elbow pads, knee pads and helmet are all important. Some protective gears may come over $200 but make that expenditure if you wish to see your kid hale and hearty after every riding session. For older kids, the  Razor MX500  and  Razor MX650  are perfect. They pack a slightly greater punch and are taller than the MX350.

Now that you have got the right gear and the right bike, let them practice braking and accelerating on a dead bike before you let them power it up. A couple of dry runs should inculcate the notion of braking without looking for the brakes and accelerating through turns without thinking about it. Once, they seem ready, let them just power up towards you in a straight line and stop near you. This is the best training they shall get. Afterwards, they can take off on their own and cruise over flat dirt tracks or through the neighborhood.

The best thing about such electric dirt bikes is that the speed is limited to at most 20mph, which is safe for kids. However, even adults can get bruises at such speeds if they are not careful.

Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Review 

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

The Razor MX400Dirt Rocket is not a mere kids dirt bike as it is touted out to be. It is more than a replacement bike for costlier gas-powered dirt bikes. It is the latest in technology, the answer to all those who say that electric-powered vehicles cannot match up to the power and performance of gas-powered vehicles.

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 Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle Review 

Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle

Alright, so it may not seem like the ideal fun toy for your kid but the Razor Dirt Quad Electric is a 4 wheeler designed for kids who love the outdoors. This nifty electric device is devoid of the annoying sounds that accompany gas-powered quads and also comes with better safety and kid-friendly features than any other power kids ATV.

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 Dirt Bike Gears For The Safety Of Your Kids 

Riding a bike regardless of its capacity and speed is always dangerous to those who do not know safety rules. It is even more dangerous to those who knowingly flaunt rules. The reason behind this is the improper inculcation of basic riding rules at an early stage. Young adults are seen riding fast bikes without helmets, taking dangerous curves without the right knee pads and elbow pads. Therefore, for parents who wish to start their kids out young in dirt biking, taking the necessary precautions beforehand is very important.

Dirt bikes for kids are small and not all that powerful with limited speeds and reduced acceleration. However, kids lack the receptiveness of adults and the quick mindedness required in split-second decision making. Hence, in the moments that lead up to crashes on their dirt bikes, they blank out only to react too late. Having the right helmet, knee and elbow pads, gloves and boots is quite essential. Here is a blowdown on a few important gears compatible with dirt bikes for kids.


Dirt Bike Helmets For KidsBy far the most important component in the arsenal for protection of the rider, the helmet saves lives, unlike any other safety gear. The one part of the body that can never heal 100% after an injury is the head. Internal damage is the worst of all injuries and the only way to protect against such horrific incidents while riding bikes is to use helmets.

Even if electric dirt bikes for kids do not notch up above 20mph, dirt bike helmets for kids are vital. Motocross helmets that protect not just the head but also the jawbone are perfect. These are large and fit snuggly around the head and face leaving a large opening for the eyes and the nose only. A good helmet is one that has got air vents for ventilation and comes with sufficient padding plus a sturdy outer body construction. There are many dirt bike helmets for kids available on Amazon for under $30.  Click here for more dirt bike helmets. 

Knee And Elbow Pads


Dirt Bike Knee and Elbow Pads for KidsAlthough expensive motocross knee and elbow pads are not necessary for riding electric dirt bikes for kids the normal BMX knee and elbow guards are essential. These are made with an outer plastic hard casing and inner gel filling that gives them a good range of motion without compromising movement. These pads come with a shock-absorbing gel that reduces impact intensity and come in pairs for less than $20 on Amazon. Check the latest price here. 

Motocross Gloves

Dirt Bike GlovesGloves might sound like overkill for protection but they are necessary for proper grip and protection of the palm from rashes. Continuous twisting of the throttle can leave blisters on a child’s palm and the only way to protect against this is to use gloves. Kids motocross gloves are exclusively designed for use with dirt bikes for kids. These gloves cover the entire hand and have extra padding at places that receive the highest friction when throttling.

Chest Protectors

Guard Protector for Youth KidsChest protectors are hard plastic or carbon fiber plates covering the chest area and protect the rider from serious injuries. These are actually not required for kids riding out on their electric dirt bikes as they come handy on very high-speed vehicles.  Get this chest protector from Amazon. 

All in all, the right set of protective gear can ensure that  dirt bikes for kids  such as the Razor MX650 do not cause any unwanted heartaches for parents as well as kids. Remember that the single most important piece of equipment is the dirt bike helmets for kids.

 Are Electric Dirt Bikes For Kids Dangerous? 

We all know the perils associated with teaching a kid how to ride a bicycle. They shall fall down more than twice and will eventually learn not to do so simply out of fear of getting hurt. The same principle cannot be applied to dirt bikes as these machines are made to travel at speeds beyond the capacity of bicycles.

Gas powered  dirt bikes for kids  are quite fast regardless of their size and capacity. Even a tiny 50cc can notch up good speeds of 40 miles per hour. Thus, this aspect needs some more understanding before you as a concerned parent can feel confident of gifting such an item like an electric bike to your kid.

Understanding Dirt Bikes For Kids

Dirt bike riding is a dangerous sport for an adult and even more deadly for kids. However, every sport is associated with a certain amount of danger. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for a parent who loves Motocross riding to share his passion with his tiny tot. The fear of hurting him physically can come in the way of letting him share your hobby. Well, with an electric dirt bike this problem should no longer exist as these dirt bikes are made for kids specifically.

 Electric dirt bikes for kids are powered with rechargeable batteries that take over 7 hours to charge and last for just 45 minutes in a single go. This makes them ideally suited to small kids around the age of 10 and thereabout, as the attention span at such an age lasts just under an hour.

Furthermore, with the bikes powered by electricity, the speeds they reach are just marginally more than what they can achieve with the fastest kids bicycles. At just 20 miles per hour, your kid should feel like he is cruising while you live happily knowing that such a speed is too less for him to hurt himself.

How Safe Are Electric Dirt Bike For Kids?

That brings us to the question, how safe is an electric dirt bike? Well, if you take in the number of accidents that kids suffer from dirt bike riding and compare it with say swimming, then the former obviously becomes more dangerous. However, factor in an electric dirt bike and the chances of getting hurt comes further down making it almost as safe as something like playing basketball or jogging.

Add in protective gear such as the right helmet, the entire set of pads – ankle guards and elbow pads, an ankle-high pair of shoe, full-body clothing and you further reduce the risks to that of a benign sport such as Nintendo Wii. Yes! With all the gear on, there is almost zero chance that he shall ever get hurt on an electric dirt bike. In fact, the Nintendo Wii might hurt your child as he plays a game of interactive tennis along with a few broken furniture but the Razor dirt bikes simply cannot hurt your kid with all protection on.

As the age of the child increases, you shall find him or her better suited to riding dirt bikes. Soon the number of falls per week shall start to touch just one and before you know it your kid shall have mastered the art of riding electric dirt bikes. Although Razor does not officially support age groups below ten, its bikes are made to the specification of smaller kids. The reason behind why they cannot promote such an age group is because of the law.

Final Observations

It seems that the laws that pertain to dirt bikes and kids do not differentiate between gas power and electric power and therefore prohibit companies from making stuff for tiny tots. This has never stopped other companies from producing products specifically for kids below ten and it shall not stop Razor from doing so either.

 How To Choose The Best Dirt Bike For Your Kids

There is virtually no age limit for kids to start riding out in the dirt and on trails. Once a child has gotten hold of the basics of riding a bicycle without the training wheels on, he or she can easily migrate to a dirt bike. The transition takes just a couple of outings after which they can upgrade to more powerful dirt bikes for kids.

Today there is a choice between gasoline and electric bikes. Parents today still prefer going the way of gas-powered dirt bikes for kids rather than electric power bikes. They attribute this to the fact that electric bikes cannot match up to the speed and feel of a gas-powered bike. This is totally fabricated, zealous traditionalists. Electric bikes have the same feel and the power associated with traditional dirt biking. Best of all, kids starting out in biking shall not even find that huge a difference between the two.

When it comes to electric dirt bikes there are not that many factors one has to see before deciding on the perfect match for their young one. Basically every electric dirt bike runs on a motor-driven variable clutch system. The parts on a dirt bike are the motor, the automatic variable clutch, the front, and rear suspension, speed twist control, front and rear brakes and obviously the tires with wheels.

Each bike differs according to the power of the electric motor and the suspensions mostly. Some come with just 300 watts while others can reach up to 700 watts. The motor power is directly related to the top speed and maximum weight restrictions of the bike. More the wattage greater the speeds and more is the weight of the rider the bike can carry.

One particular bike that is perfect for beginners under the age of 8 years is the  Razor MX350. It comes with an electric motor rated at 350 watts and uses two large lead-acid accumulators as batteries. These batteries take around 8 hours to charge and last a maximum of 45 minutes before the engine dies down and requires a full recharge. The MX350 comes with just a front steel damper system and rear brakes. Considering the price tag on the Razor MX350, it is much cheaper than gas-powered dirt bikes for kids.

For kids that find the MX350 too small or too slow, the  Razor MX500  and  Razor MX650  are better choices. These two Razor manufactured dirt bikes for kids come with larger motors of 500 watt and 650 watt respectively. In fact, both feature front and rear suspension systems as well as brakes. The maximum speed these electric dirt bikes for kids can go to is 20mph. Even though it sounds slow to an adult, it is actually quite fast for kids. Ages 12 to 15 can even ride the MX650 as it is made to handle kids weighing 220 lbs easily.

In the end, it is all dependent on the child. Let him or her try out one of the above or other similar electric dirt bikes for kids before you settle on one to purchase. Best of all, as these bikes come cheaper than gasoline dirt bikes, hence upgrading from a smaller bike to a larger one is not that costly at all.

 Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids 

Everybody knows just how much kids love to play with dirt and just get plain messy. Well, now they have the chance to do just that on wheels and get even more thrill, fun, and excitement. Razor, the company who has received numerous awards such as the 2010 Toy of the Year Award, the 2010 Outdoor Toy of the Year, and Amazon’s 2009 Best Seller Award; comes three different models of electric dirt bikes for kids. There is the Razor MX350, the Razor MX500, and the Razor MX650.

The Razor MX350 electric dirt bikes for kids have been designed with a scaled down dirt bike look with 12” pneumatic tires, and a chain-driven, single speed 350 watt electric motor powered by two sealed 12 volt lead acid batteries. These batteries can operate for up to 30 minutes of continuous use. They are perfect for kids who are 13 years or older and weigh up to 140 lbs. They have adjustable handlebars, twist grip throttle control, and rear brakes. The Razor MX350 electric dirt bikes for kids have dimensions of 44” x 24 ½” x 31” and weigh 70.25 lbs.

The Razor MX500 electric dirt bikes for kids are upgrades of the Razor MX350 in that the Razor MX500 comes in 14” and 16” pneumatic tires, can carry kids weighing up to 175 lbs., and has a variable speed 500-watt motor that is powered by three sealed 12 volt lead batteries. These batteries allow the Razor MX500 to speed up to 15 miles per hour and run for up to 40 minutes of continuous use. The Razor MX500 electric dirt bikes for kids weighs 106 lbs., have dimensions of 56” x 24 ½” x 36”, and are suitable for kids aged 14 years or older.

The Razor MX650 is the high-performance model and is more powerful than the Razor MX500 although it has the same size of pneumatic tires, the same weight, and the same dimensions. The Razor MX650 has a variable speed 650-watt electric motor that is powered by the same battery system with that of the MX500. It can accelerate up to a speed of 17 miles per hour and can carry a load of up to 220 lbs. The Razor MX650’s front and rear disc brakes are hand-operated and its motor can generate enough pull not only for off-road conditions but also for uphill climbing as well. It is suitable to be used by kids aged 16 years or older.

All the Razor electric dirt bikes for kids come equipped with a set of tools (screwdriver and spoke tightener), UL-approved battery chargers, and a 90-day Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty. They have an average assembly time of thirty minutes and batteries should be charged for a full 18 hours prior to their initial use. These electric dirt bikes have been designed for use by kids and because it makes use of an electric motor, they are quiet, environment-friendly, and linear. These models are for sale cheap at Amazon.

 Advice For Parents Looking For Dirt Bikes For Kids 

Dirt bike racing is not just passed time and recreational sport for adults, it can also be enjoyed to the fullest extent by kids. Children as young as 5 years old too can ride on their very own dirt bikes and take in the pleasure of pumping adrenaline through their tiny bodies as they cruise along flat tracks. Yes, there is a risk associated with dirt bikes for kids but it is just as grave as the risk associated with football or any other tamer sport. If the right safety rules are inculcated into the head of a youngster, he or she shall grow up to be a responsible rider. The following advice should come handy for parents considering getting a dirt bike for their youngsters.

First Generate Interest
You as a parent may be highly enthusiastic about riding on dirt and blazing through trails but if your kid lacks the same passion then searching dirt bikes for kids shall be futile. First, generate the same level of excitement in the young one genuinely before you consider breaking them into this sport. Take them to a few race events, let them watch you ride out and above all try to avoid getting into nasty crashes in front of their precious eyes.

Let Your Kid Choose
At the end of the day, it is your kid who shall ride that bike. It does not make any sense of purchasing one without his consensus. Let him sit on a few different bikes of the same category and a few from a higher class. Notice those bikes that offer him the right height for both his feet to be touching with the ground. Just the toes touching the ground are more than enough. It has been observed that the  Razor MX350  is ideal for kids below the age of 8 thanks to its lower frame height and a lower wattage motor. The battery pack keeps a charge up to 45 minutes. For taller and older riders, the  MX500  and  MX650  from Razor are great bikes.

Provide The Complete Gear
Many parents overlook this part of getting dirt bikes for kids simply because they do not think that an electric bike can be powerful enough to hurt their kids. Truth is that the larger MX650 can actually notch up over 20mph. When adults get scratches and bruises at 20mph, what stops a child from breaking a few bones? Always ensure that your kid has got the right protective gear. This includes dirt bike helmets for kids, knee and elbow guards, bodysuits, riding boots, goggles, and gloves.

Once, you have got the bike, gear and your kid ready to learn dirt biking, it is time to let them start their learning experience. Just remember to let them learn at their own pace. Do not hurry them along or irk them to learn faster. Some are fast learners and others are clumsy with their body coordination. Be patient and soon your kid will be riding big time.